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Kidverse Lab is an innovative establishment, passionately committed to nurturing the scientific curiosity and educational aspirations of preschool and elementary school pupils. At the heart of our ethos is the belief that learning and experimentation should be both fun and inspiring. We pride ourselves on offering an array of distinctive and adaptable experiments, specifically designed to captivate young minds and ignite a lifelong passion for science and discovery. Our primary aim is to be the catalyst for the next generation of thinkers, explorers, and innovators.

Our Some Unique experiments

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In this engaging experiment, children create a basic water filtration system using cotton, activated carbon, sand, and pebbles. They’ll learn how each layer helps to purify dirty water, providing a practical demonstration of simple yet effective environmental science principles.

7-8 Years Old
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In this simple and fun experiment, children learn how to make play dough using common household ingredients such as flour, salt, and coloured water. They’ll experience the process of mixing and kneading to achieve the right consistency, before using moulds to shape their creations, enhancing their creativity and understanding of basic chemistry.

5-6 Years old

In this ‘Force and Energy’ experiment, children explore basic physics by attaching a balloon to a toy car and observing its movement. They then replace the balloon with increasing numbers of wooden blocks, noting how the car’s speed changes, thereby gaining a hands-on understanding of the principles of weight and force.

3-4 Years


Unique Experiment Designs

Kidverse Lab. has meticulously crafted a collection of unique experiments.

Versatile Original Experiments

With over 150 original experiments, Kidverse Lab. has developed a customisable and adaptable curriculum, allowing updates based on institutional and group characteristics.

Tailored Curriculum for Early Education

In the absence of ready-made curriculum for young age groups and early primary school grades, Kidverse Lab. creates custom curriculum focusing on future physics, chemistry, biology,geometry, and technology design lessons for pre-school and primary school students, cultivating essential life skills.


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